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Love or hate them, Operation and Maintenance Manuals are a necessary part of the service and construction industry.  At handover stage leave your clients with the best possible lasting impression by ensuring that your documents are created quickly, error free and in a good looking format. Here at Dokkit we recognise that pulling together all the information needed for O&Ms can be time consuming and laborious so we came up with a better way.

All the features you need

Re-use cloud data

Use existing data to create your operation and maintenance documents

Save time

Save valuable time trying to battle with layout and text with our templates

Guaranteed Accuracy

Never reformat or second guess the work entries again

Powerful yet simple

Fully hosted and secure

Encrypted data always accessible from any device

Include attachments

Include all your As Built drawings, certificates and manufacturer data sheets

1-2-3 Setup

Setup is easy and simple with lots of help, support and FAQs. Our team will be standing by to assist with any questions you have

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Dokkit has substantially improved the quality of our O&M Manuals. It allows us to remove certain parts from the O&M Manual with ease and to see if we are missing any attachments that would be needed for the O&M before we compile it. It integrates seamlessly with simPRO. It’s not often that you’re able to meet huge savings with massive quality improvements at the same time but Dokkit delivers this. In short, if you’re using simPRO and you’re not using Dokkit, you’re missing out on one of the best integrations and time-saving tools available!
Rob Edwards
BGE Digital