Integrating Dokkit with simPRO

The steps to get you up and running with your compliance documents

Stock Parts

Catalog items with more than one attachment

In order to allow more freedom with the type of datasheets you hold (user manuals, quick guides etc.) when the system finds more than one attachment per stock/catalogue part it will only pull into Dokkit those with a file name ending in  _OMDS. So CR024.pdf would become CR024_OMDS.pdf. To edit the name select the pencil icon next to the attachment in simPRO and make the change directly. 


There are many filename convertors on the market. Dokkit suggests but does not endorse Advanced Renamer to speed up the process on multiple files.


Note that in the app stock parts/catalog items that have an attachment will have a green paperclip and those without will have a red paperclip. You can add attachments to stock parts at any time and re-import the job back into Dokkit.