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Connect to your simPRO account for even faster O&Ms

Dokkit integrates seamlessly with simPRO

Why copy and paste information when it's all in simPRO already. Updating your information in simPRO will allow you to create Operation & Maintenance Manuals with ease. Dokkit reads codes entered into some key information to allow it to position them within carefully created templates that will showcase your work and your companies professionalism.

Scope of Works

We can pull information for your scope of works from your project description, your cost centre info or your pre-build names.


There are many different types of attachments, from As Built Drawings to Certificates. We use simple codes to identify where each attachment goes.

Stock Parts

Not all stock parts need to be shown on an O&M so pre-select the ones you wish to show by use of an identifier in simPRO. Once updated these stock parts can be used for all jobs.

Data Sheets

Manufacturer data sheets are an essential part of any handover document. As long as you have uploaded them into simPRO against your stock and made them public they can be included in the final document.

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Help pages and tutorials

We understand that you want to be up and running as soon as possible so we have lots of help available online and dedicated help offline.

Help Pages

Good looking templates

We know that looking professional means a lot to you so we've designed some really good looking cover page templates for you to use.