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Getting started - Step by step instructions

Dokkit will be retrieving your job info from simPRO and using it to populate your templates.  For Dokkit to recognise the correct information it needs the following steps to be undertaken. The Dokkit Team are on hand to help with any questions and can guide you through the process. To get a feel for the changes needed to be made you may wish to initially just update the entries for just one or two jobs and process your first O&M manual. 

To start, select ‘Import Job’ and enter a simPRO job number. The system will then import information from the Job Description, the Cost Centers, Attachments and Stock Parts. Initially the system will use default templates but you can customise these in the Templates area. Select the options below to get more information on how each section works.


If you are using more than one template type you will need to use the template name in the cost centres in order to get the the right information into the right place. See ‘Scope of Works’ below for more information.

Scope of Works

Your scope of works info is retrieved from a number of places to increase the system flexibility. Find out how to maximise how the information will look in the final document.


How to edit your templates to reflect your companies pre-existing ones


All the information you need to ensure your certificates and drawings are imported into your O&M manual correctly and in the right place.

Encrypted PDFs

Password protected pdfs cannot be merged using Dokkit. Find out how to get round this

Stock Parts

If you would like to include more than one type of manufacturer datasheet in your manual, find out how here.

Frequently asked questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Setup questions

If you are a company who specialises in more than one area you can add more manual types within the app. On the main page of the app you’ll see in the menu on the left; Jobs, Templates, Help. Choose Templates, select a new template and click the  ‘Add New Template’ button. There is no limit to how many templates you can add.

We are adding new codes all the time. If you don’t see ones for the business you run please contact us and we can look at getting them included.

Of course, contact us for setup assistance.

Job & Manual questions

Sometimes on large jobs it can take a little time to process the manual. Wait a couple of minutes and then hard refresh the page.

This is usually when you have selected to use multiple templates. In order for us to know which data goes where you would need to have at least one cost centre with the name of manual (first word if the manual has two) in the name.  Please refer to the Scope of Works section for more details.

If you’ve made changes to the job detail and re-created the manual but are not seeing the changes in the browser window it could be that it is cached (saved by the browser). You may need to hard refresh the page to see the latest version.

General questions

If you have been asked by the system to re-authorise your simPRO account please ensure you have logged out of simPRO first. There may be a short delay (<10 minutes) before you’ll be able to import new jobs.

All credit card information is stored securely in Stripe, Dokkit doesn’t have access to the full details.

If you need to update (either upgrade or downgrade) your subscription. In the app goto the Company menu in the top right and click Company. Then in the Account Details section you can see the current plan and click through to view the other options.

We’re hoping you won’t but if you need to, go to the Company page and click the ‘Cancel Dokkit’ link. Please do give us feedback on the cancellation page so that we can improve.